Mayor’s Guide Training

Preparing for the fourth week of training to become one of the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides.

So far have ‘picked up’ Queen Square – Baedeker Raids, Royal Crescent and The Circus. Next week I shall be covering Pulteney Bridge and a bit of the history of bath from the visits of Queen Anne onwards.

My tutor seems to have confidence in my ability to get most of the words out in the right order – let’s hope there enough willing volunteers to walk with us (and hope for a sunny day!).

I’ve found out the answer to a question I couldn’t answer this week – who was the ‘Trim’ of Trim Street? Step forward George Trim, a  wealthy clothier of Bath and a member of the Bath Corporation (see

The previous week’s unanswered question was “how deep are the ashlar slabs that characterise Bath’s Georgian facades? Well, a visit to the Building of Bath Museum gave the best answer short of drilling holes in the Royal Crescent – about 7 inches (I’ll leave you to convert that to metric). Also discovered that the slabs were packed up on the rear edge with oyster shells. Apparently back in the 1700’s oysters were to be found in every builder’s lunch box….

I wonder what next week’s “unanswered question of the week” will be?


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