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Windchill – what windchill?

December 1, 2010

Gradually building up the number of stops I can take on the walk. Today I went round with my mentor practising the route and timings. We did the first hour OK but had to adjourn for a coffee to try to restart the circulation in our fingers and toes.

-1 degree C outside, but nice and warm sitting in the sun inside the Royal Victoria Park cafe… so one coffee became two as we discussed the walk and then websites.

Come 1 pm and we agreed we had done justice to the walk.

Now I need to script the initial group briefing – just in case I’m asked to do it on the test walk.

Hopefully (no –  with certainty) the test walk will take place without the considerable obstruction and disruption of Bath’s Christmas Market. Whether the scaffolding will have disappeared from the rear of the Guildhall is less certain…..