Old Year New Year Round Up

8th December 2010: Still cold (sub zero C) – got to do the group briefing today.

15th December 2010: Above zero C today but mentor (Ken) ill, so follow walk of another guide (Michael) – interesting bit about the Cross Bath which may well incorporate into own script…

22nd December 2010: Just about zero C today – took the whole walk but twenty minutes over time (did pop into the Assembly Rooms though…).

29th December 2010: Foggy but milder – Ken’s chest still troubling him so walk with Michael – he lets me do it all but we are still ten minutes over the two hours even without visiting the Assembly Rooms.

5th January 2011: Drizzle today but mild – still too long and need to watch for the group obstructing pavements.

12th January 2011: Very mild but persistent drizzle; timing fine as far as Upper Borough Walls but made an unscheduled stop at the remnant of wall (why?) and was behind the clock from there on. Ken warns of problems with road crossings, so need to rethink route around Pulteney Bridge to North Gate. Must not stand so near to exit from Upper Borough Walls – obscured view for traffic exiting. Can only get better?




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