Walk in time

Wednesday 9th February 2011

Weather: dry with a glimpse of the sun

Cut out two stops this time and managed to complete in just under two hours. Didn’t go in the Assembly Rooms as some filming taking place, so actually finished in the Pump Room at 12:29! A bit rusty in places after a week ‘off’ so I should be able to tweak another couple of minutes off the time.

Now have a date for the test walk – need to do some serious revision 🙂


Wednesday 26th January 2011

Weather: drizzle at times

Adjusted timings and went well until Queen Square. Then seemed to lose time steadily so, with ten minutes in the Assembly Rooms, didn’t finish until 12:50.

Interesting question of the day: what do the Latin inscriptions on the front of the Abbey mean?

Neither of us knew, although I said there was a pamphlet on sale in the Abbey which gave a detailed description of all the carvings on the West front (Bath Abbey – The West Front, A guide to statues and carvings by Paul Fisher, published in 2010 by Paulish Books, Bath).

The pamphlet gives the following answers to the questions:

“Above the left window is the inscription domus mea (“My House”) to link with the works domus oronis (“House of Prayer”) above the right/south aisle window and referring to Luke 19:46 “My house shall be a house of prayer” (p22).



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