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Final Interview

March 10, 2011

Thursday 3rd March 2011. Mayor’s Parlour, Guildhall, Bath, UK.

Two-minute presentation on Bath’s Heritage Plaques (or ‘commemorative tablets’).

Twenty minutes of questioning (not quite Mastermind but still difficult).

Retire for the panel to consider and, hurrah, passed.

Presented with my badge and pile of paperwork.

Now a fully qualified member of the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides.

I await the call….


Around Bath’s Walls in 14 minutes

March 10, 2011

It was said (allegedly) that you could walk the circumference of Bath’s medieval walls in twelve minutes. So on Tuesday 1st March I set off with stopwatch in hand to see how long it really took.

On the first lap the stopwatch misbehaved (it is WWII vintage!) – no time recorded (but I was walking anticlockwise…..).

So with both wrist watch and stopwatch checked and primed, I set off again (this time clockwise for safety). At a steady walking pace, following the diversion through the M&S service tunnel, I recorded a time of exactly fourteen minutes on both timepieces.

Could it be done in twelve? Without trotting? Powerwalkers will say yes.